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August 09, 2005

CRITICAL UPDATE to LinkedIn Cheater's Guide (05-Aug-2005)

With the new LinkedIn release (5 August 2005) , the bulk of the Cheats listed in the Cheaters’ Guide to LinkedIn are still extremely relevant. 

However, your LinkedIn network reach has been trimmed back to your third degree and people are now charged to reach you (or you to reach them) if they are beyond your third degree. 

The trade-off is that your profile is now visible to the entire network — but it is trimmed of your name if it is viewed beyond your third degree.  And they have eliminated the “Accept Direct Contacts” option.  

So what to do … 

All is not lost.  To work around the “InMail barrier” is easy.  

All you have to do is to put your name and contact info — IN THE BODY OF YOUR PROFILE.  That way, people who pull you up in their searches will still be able to contact you — even if they have used up their monthly InMail allotments.

The work around solutions are now highlighted in red as part of cheat #1 —

  • List your contact info publically in the body of the profile ****
  • Add you current email address, in parentheses, to your listing name field ****

For a more detailed explaination of exactly how to doctor your profile for maximum results, you should definitely take a look at Business Networking: Served HOT-- LinkedIn CheatSheet #1: How to make your name visible beyond your 3rd Degree which offers a very good step-by-step approach with illustrations. 

So, with LinkedIn search engine visibility increased to the entire LinkedIn network — if you make you contact info visibile in your profile — the new LinkedIn release should work better than ever.

Life is good!


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