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March 10, 2005

MYTH: "One Page Business Plan" is a great tool

REALITY: “One Page Business Plan” is a DANGEROUS tool.

[this is a slightly revised from the orignal post entitled “BTW "One Page Business Plan" is a DANGEROUS Tool” in Ecademy Clubs: Global Capital Access Club - Forum — cgm]

10-Mar-05 5:56am

I do agree with the comments above about "one page business plan (OPBP)" ... It is also a very good and valuable tool -- BUT ONLY AFTER you have gone through the process I suggested in my post above ...

For first time business plan writers, I ALWAYS recommend Business Plan Pro first and NEVER mention "One Page Business Plan" until AFTER they have gone through the work required by Business Plan Pro because I believe that people often view OPBP as a short cut to finish a "one time document" and they use it to avoid the hard work of doing the required analysis and of engaging in a process of continuous business planning ...

For you OPBP fans, I realize OPBP is really a set of exercises which, if properly used, stimulate that process BUT, I believe, most people use it to short change that process ... in my experience, only Business Plan Pro FORCES the user to face up to harsh realities and DO THE REQUIRED WORK ....

OPBD is a DANGEROUS tool for the first-time entrepreneur and should be labelled accordingly


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